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instagram hacks to get free instagram followers

Instagram Hacks And Tools To Become Social Media Marketer – Best And Working Tips

In today’s date, every person is a part of the social network. And the top of the companies like facebook, whatsapp, and many more are making billions of money today from the users. There is a tremendous demand for these all over the world. Then came one of the most popular ones in today’s date that is known as INSTAGRAM! It was developed in the year 2010 and it gained massive popularity within a few months. It is best for the youngsters between the age of 15 to 30 because they can share their private pictures and many other stuffs here hidden from their families because most of the older people in today’s date are not at all aware of this application. That is the reason it is trending all over the globe.

In today’s date almost 5 million videos are shared everyday on Instagram along with pictures. Isn’t that amazing? And the story feature is also amazing that allows you to share things for only 24 hours. The new filters and frames that are introduced are very much astonishing. But most of the users are not able to utilise them in a proper combination that is why today we are going to share with you one of the best hacks that has been discovered by us.

How can these hacks make you a social media marketer?

In today’s date it is quite visual that social media is the best medium to broadcast your products and advertise them. The main purpose is to make the users see your products, follow your account. Hence you must have amazing techniques to make people see your page and hence the products.

So if you use the hacks that are mentioned below than you can actually do a lot of advertising and become a social media advertiser.

  1. Managing Instagram Filters:

managing instagram filters

Instagram provides a wide variety of filters that might confuse the user. And the key point is mixing a lot of filters always seems unprofessional. So the best way would be to prioritize which filters your brand would use.

It also avoids confusion between two filters and you can delete the rest of the filters. This also makes the collaboration between the team mates much easier.

You can go to the manage filters box and finally choose what is best for you.

  1. Managing Hashtags:

managing instagram hashtags

It is quite clear that the trend of hash tags has increased today to a certain level. So always remember that these hash tags can do a lot of help to promote your brand.

So also choose the attractive hash tags not boring ones. I am saying this because people love posting hash tags that are popular. So it is up to you how well you

  1. Receive Notifications from your competitor:

It is always good to know where you stand in the market. Knowing the performance makes the competition much easier. So you should completely track their products or the service in which you are trading in.

This can be done very easily. Just turn on the Notifications for the page. Also update the settings in your phone for receiving notifications. By this you can know your competitor to a large extent.

  1. Using the link in bio:

marketing with instagram, add your link in bio

You know that the link in bio can be used in an effective way and this way is basically replacing the link of your products in the link in bio. It becomes easy to divert traffic to a different page with a lot more details about the product.

  1. Regramming and other tag options:

instagram regram feature

It may seem to you that this is an impossible thing. Many of you might not even be aware of the concept of regramming. But don’t worry we will introduce it you and give you the ways by which you can repost other’s posts.

This will take your page and services to a new level of advertising. So guys as facebook has a share option, twitter has re tweet option in a similar way Instagram has regram option.

But the problem is it is not an inbuilt feature. However there are other apps that allow you to use the feature of regramming in Instagram. The app SPROUT’s SOCIAL MOBILE APP allows you to access this feature. But guys just make sure you tag the other person also who’s content you are sharing.

This way you will also build a new connection and will help you in a way that other people will also repost your content.


geotagging on instagram

By posting your location, you actually see a lot of people gathering on your page. Because popular locations have become a trend in today’s date. It seriously looks cool if you post the location that is famous or trending on the media.

But do not post any stupid locations that do not make any sense. Post only those locations where you have your photo or video made. People love to visit the same place and post the location in their posts.

  1. Using new lines:

Just imagine how cliché it would feel when you have a bulk of content posted as a caption or your bio details. People usually tend to ignore heavy paragraphs because to the eyes they make an impression that who would read such a big content.

However if you write the content in points, you will actually create a major difference and people will read essential points. Their eyes will naturally catch the attention.

In android you can simply use the new line button to do this but in an apple product you need to write the text in note pad and later copy and paste it to Instagram.

  1. Resizing images:

If you want to put an image that is large and not compatable with the features of Instagram than you need simply to use the tool landscape where you can change the size of the image crop, resize as well as many other background effects.

So guys it is very easy to do this and the best part is the image quality is not at all disturbed. You can in fact click the image with Instagram also and then edit the image with Instagram.

Instagram has some of the best amazing features that you must use.

  1. Adding borders:

how to add borders on instagram

Borders really create an impression on the people and very easily catch the attention of the people. You must add borders to your images to make the image look more attractive.

Just click on the filter that you want to apply and then click on the filtered image twice. You will get a small box and choose the border from there.


buzzsumo for instagram marketing

It is not at all necessary for you guys to go to big celebrities for promoting your Instagram account or page. In fact you have to use your own connections to make yourself more popular on the site. This can be easily done through buzz sumo.

Here you can find related companies and organisations that are already well established and known all over.

They have certainly a good amount of followers. By making good connections with them you can actually promote your own business.

  1. Managing Posting Times:

The time at which you post matters a lot. Because people are not active all the time there is a specific time where the server is most busy. By busy we mean the users are mostly active at certain times.

So if you post your content at these hours you will get the best results. At the top of such hours are weekends. Obviously people are free on Saturday and Sunday.

And the best way to pass the time on such days is using social networking. Apart from this the traffic is most at 2am, 8am, after 5pm. So choose the time consciously.

  1. Multiple Accounts:

how to use multiple accounts on instagram

Use multiple accounts and use the Instagram features by which you can switch to any other account by clicking just once.

By using multiple accounts you can try different marketing techniques. So you must go fir this as this is very much useful now a days. Make sure you create the profile look more attractive.

You can manipulate captions in different accounts and check where you get the most traffic.

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These Instagram hacks have been very well tested by different people of our team. They have helped us to promote our own business that is why we are thankful and sharing these with you.

Do not rely on any generator and tools like those which increase followers on page as they would not help much in increasing your business. These are the best legitimate ways by which you can become a known social media marketer.

So choose the ways effectively and write a comment if you have any problem in accessing any of the hacks. So thank you guys for reading and do share this with other people.

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